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siteLevel Pro
While primarily intended to meet the needs of business websites, the siteLevel Pro service is perfect for any site requiring the extended features below.
Extended Features:
As a user of the siteLevel Pro service, you will get the following extended features:

Ad-Free Results Pages - siteLevel Pro accounts do not have siteLevel-placed advertisements on search results pages.  Learn more.

Unlimited Page Limits - Scalable page limit options to best fit your needs.  Learn more.

Jump Words - Precisely channel your visitors' experience on your site by directing keyword searches to specific pages.  Learn more.

Daily Scheduled Re-Indexing - Keep your searchable index up-to-date with daily scheduled re-indexing.  Learn more.
Standard Features:

siteLevel Pro also includes the following standard features:

Unlimited Technical Support - Learn more.

Extensive Search Result Customizability - Learn more.

Extensive Search Box Customizability - Learn more.

Powerful Spidering Control - Learn more.

Configure How Relevancy Is Determined - Learn more.

Handles HTML, PDF, RTF, and DOC Files - Learn more.

Comprehensive Reporting - Learn more.

Indexing On Demand - Learn more.

Search Box Slices - Learn more.
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